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Late tax returns

Are you worried about overdue income tax returns? Are Inland Revenue on your tail?
We’ll get them off your back
Reading this is the first step toward a good night’s sleep. We understand that day-to-day pressures can mean
tax returns fall by the wayside, and the longer you leave it the harder it becomes. We assure you that if you
call us on (09) 401-6261 we can get Inland Revenue “off your tail” immediately.
Will I be in trouble for having late tax returns?
So long as we contact Inland Revenue and tell them we’re going to help you with your late returns they will
leave you alone. The best thing you can do is front up and let us help you through the process.
What about penalties?
Inland Revenue will charge a late return penalty of $50 as soon as a return is overdue. Inland Revenue may
apply other penalties for late payment or other reasons, for example, if they think you have not taken reasonable
care with your tax affairs. However, Inland Revenue can put on a human face and if you have convincing
reasons for your lateness we may be able to get the penalties and interest reduced or possibly waived
How much does it cost to prepare late tax returns?
We don’t charge any extra for tax return work because it is late. However, if we need to apply to Inland
Revenue for remission of penalties and / or interest that means more time to prepare your application.
Sometimes (but not always) preparing financial statements for a longer period can lead to a saving in time, for
example, where there are two years’ returns outstanding.

We are happy to give you a fixed price for an agreed assignment – please refer to “Our Fees”.
Call us now on (09) 401-6261 and we’ll get you up to date and keep you out of trouble.